Apartment 3

Information on how to collect the keys:

Address: Tilto g. 12B, Vilnius.

(for drivers – it’s a one-way street, don’t hurry, the house is on the right side)

  1. Enter door code: 4 πŸ”‘ 9724

The door opens automatically. The apartment is in the courtyard, you will need to cross one stairway to go there. To go out, press the grey button on the wall.

Go up one floor till you see tall doors and white post boxes.

2. Press the grey button to open the doors. You will enter the courtyard.

Apartment number 3. First floor. On the right side is near the playground.

Or the door you will see a black lockbox. Enter code – 333 and turn the black button. To close box, you will need to enter the code and turn the black button.


  1. How to lock doors? Pull the handle up till the end and then turn the key. To unlock you don’t need to do this. With the keys, you will find a magnet, use it to enter without a code.

2. No smoking on the terrace or apartment it is forbidden by Law. You can smoke in the courtyard.

3. Parties are not allowed in the apartment. Quite hours are from 22:00.

TIP: To go out to the street you can from the courtyard, just go straight like cars go and you will see big wooden gates press the grey button to open them. To come back use the magnet with the keys.


Check-out is till 11:00 AM. When checking out, please drop keys in postbox number 30. If you are checking out earlier than 11:00, please write me a message. Thank you πŸ™‚

Information about Parking

You can park your car for free near house Tilto g. 23, marked with the green line. The apartment will be on the next side of the street.

If on your arrival there is no free space, try a bit later. More spaces are available after working hours.

Other parking options:

1.City parking (in the building Tilto g. 14) – 1 hour – 1.50 eur.

2.Street parking (Blue zone) – 1 hour – 2.50 eur.